Gold stone embroidery machine debuts in 2019Cisma(Shanghai)

Date:2019-11-26 17:07:49

The 2019 China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition (CISMA2019) will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 25th to 28th next year. The theme of CISMA2017 is "smart sewing technology and solutions", CISMA2019 once again focuses on intelligent manufacturing and sets the theme as "smart sewing factory technology and solutions".
The sewing machinery industry is a typical advanced equipment manufacturing industry, and technological innovation is the original driving force for the development of the industry. At present, a new round of scientific and technological innovation worldwide is leading the market trend. Sound, light, electricity, remote sensing control and cloud big data are constantly colliding and integrating with the manufacturing industry, which has brought new challenges to the development of the sewing machinery industry. And opportunities. The industry takes "Made in China 2025" as a strategic guide, and around the main line of intelligent manufacturing, it is committed to innovation, continuous efforts, and strives to achieve high-quality development, provide downstream industries with more high-value-added products, and achieve more in the international field. Many voices. Therefore, intelligent manufacturing is a topic that cannot be deviated from the current industry development. At the same time, this theme is continuously deepening, from the intelligence of a single machine, to the automation of the assembly line, to the provision of solutions for the entire plant. The industry development hotspots and characteristics presented on CISMA will definitely make us more aware of the development of the industry. confidence.