DISC Digitizing Software
product description
DH-NET network intelligent factory system is a complete set of solutions for sewing processing enterprises. Including machine networking management and remote control, production real-time monitoring and pattern management, human resource management and order inventory management and other services. Provide managers with customized services and data resources. Effectively realize effective interaction and intelligent control between people, equipment and products, and further promote the comprehensive integration of people, finance, property, production, supply, and sales, comprehensive monitoring, real-time feedback, and dynamic coordination.
Product advantages
The embroidery machine network management system uses a number of industry-leading intelligent technologies. It is intelligent network management software, including device management, configuration management, fault and work status management, pattern management, report statistics, multi-user security management, order management, Resource management (people, equipment, materials, customer needs) and other functions. The detailed report provided by the embroidery machine network management system can help you formulate a reasonable production strategy and implement it, prevent sensitive data leakage, guide employees to use the embroidery machine reasonably, and improve production efficiency.
I. Easy to install and operate
No need to check the user manual, non-network management personnel can also install, configure and use. Adopt the client mode to intelligently process most of the work through the background, and only need to set it up once.
Second, support computer, mobile phone, PAD, access anytime, anywhere
This system can check the operation of the factory through mobile phones or tablets. The progress from order completion to the efficiency of each worker and the operating status of the machine can be comprehensively tracked.
Third, real-time monitoring of factory information
Customers can access this system anytime, anywhere, to monitor production machines (query all work event records of each machine. For example: startup, shutdown, disconnection, error information), check production login personnel, real-time display machine running status, machine embroidery Output, workers' current wages, and other information such as "overproduction", "inefficient production", and "downtime outages" are used to convey the customer's current planned demand.
Fourth, the embroidery machine pattern management
This system can be connected with the database of the embroidery pattern making system to realize the local pattern file management, and at the same time, the pattern can be downloaded to the corresponding embroidery machine. The security of the pattern is greatly increased. You can also delete and clear the patterns in the machine.
V. Monitoring under Big Data
The embroidery machine network system records the operating habits, work trajectories, and work content of embroidery workers, and stores the information in categories to facilitate back-checking the records and determining the responsibility attribution. At the same time, the on-site management fineness has changed from day to minute / second, and it supports export of various statistical reports.
Six, real-time salary calculation and personnel management
The system can help the workshop administrator to register and manage the basic information of the workers, and display and settle the workers' wages in real time. In order to conveniently view the daily production results, the system can also generate relevant statistical reports and support the connection with the enterprise ERP system for easy management Management of corporate employees.
Seven, automatic factory order tracking system
Customers can inquire about the production progress of orders through the intelligent factory system. From receiving orders-confirming orders-following orders-shipping, the entire operation process can be easily realized in the intelligent factory.
Eight, employees automatically log in, patterns are automatically downloaded
Workers can enter the employee number on the electronic control terminal of Dahao Sewing Equipment. The electronic control will automatically identify the registered employees, the login time, and automatically count the production situation based on the login information. Employees can also input the serial number of the pattern on the electrical control terminal of Dahao sewing equipment. The electrical control will automatically download the pattern from the database and prompt the serial number in the electrical control, which can ensure the security of the pattern and help workers quickly locate the pattern position and select the pattern Fast production.
Network system parameter table