Large size single head embroidery machine

    Model:  GT-901L / 1201L / 1501L
    Needles: 9/12/15
    Heads:     1
    Net/Gross Weight: 150KG/ 180KG
    EMB Area:  1200 * 500MM         
    Machine Size: 1300 * 950 * 750MM
    LCD:  10.4in
Multi-embroidery in one machine
· With flat embroidery, hat embroidery, ready-made clothing embroidery and other uses
·10.4" HD&TFT LCD
· Maximum embroidery area 350*550 mm (14*20 in)
· High-quality frame and casters, stable and flexible
· Intelligent Wire Break Detection
· Maximum speed 1200SPM
· The pattern storage space is 100 million needles, and the automatic color change sequence can reach 1000 times.  
· The Best Choice for Home and Industry Use

Intelligent Technology
· USB Disk Input and Output Operation
· Readable in a variety of formats (e.g.DST, DSB, etc.)
· Networking via wires or wireless networks
· 270 Degree Wide Angle Hat Embroidery System
· Automatic color change and pattern Preview
· Spindle Servo Motor
· AC 110V-220V, 50/60Hz Input Voltage Adaptation
· The X/Y axis adopts 36V micro-stepping motor with less noise and vibration.
· Operating head bracket can be rotated and adjusted at multiple angles.
10.4" HD&TFT LCD
High Speed and High Efficiency
· Multitask Parallel Operation
· Automatic Line Cutting and Color Change
· Memory Function of Embroidery Starting Point
· Repeated and cyclic embroidery function
· Visual Selection of Multiple Embroidery Frames
· Support batch input, output, deletion and other operations
· Built-in Chinese, English, French, German, Thai, Dutch, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic,     Russian and other languages